The ‘What’ and ‘How’ of Conversion Rate Optimization Answered

CRO is the method of employing analytical data to obtain required metrics on websites. To obtain additional downloads, gain new customers, and form registrations are usually the targets of every website. Conversion rate optimization is used to achieve these objectives by guessing the wants of the visitors and providing it to them easily.

While a web page structure is being designed or creating content, it is imperative to keep conversion rate optimization at the top of one’s agenda. Split testing, CTA, MVT, conversion funnel, average time on site, average page views, analytics, user testing and exit rate, are among the many terms/processes that one will have to be thorough with after getting involved with conversion rate optimization. It is essential to have complete confidence in order to create conversion rate optimization method. A conversion can only be a success if one has the required metrics and statistics for comparing the results. A good way to implement the tests is to identify the priorities, and also, on should make sure to check and record the metric numbers.

To begin the design of the tests, it is good to choose something that is easy to change. It is also important to thoroughly see that the analytical data of the webpage is being correctly tracked. Once sufficient data is duly collected, it can be compared with the original one. If the test was successful, then one can attend to fine tuning and to improve the optimization process but whatever the outcome of the tests, one should regard the optimization process as a continuous one.

Understanding and studying the bounce and exit rates is another key component in regard to conversion rate optimization. Bounce rate is the number of visitors leaving the website after viewing a single page whereas exit rate is the percentage of visitors who left the site on a particular page. If a specific page in the channel funnel has an enormous high exit rate, it is a red flag, and one should focus on it first.

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