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Objective: Dealing with stress in a big city and not only.

Date: 23rd August.
Sixth INC club
Living in a big city is an incredible thing! We enjoy it and live our lives the way we want to. Big city life gives us a lot of opportunities and chances. Whatever we decide to do, there is one thing that is constant in this kind of exciting life - stress. Big city and stress go together unless you know how to deal with it! It's all in our heads ;) So let's talk about psychology a little and share our experiences and solutions when dealing with stress! Be innovative, live smarter ;)
How did it go:
It was a great lesson last Friday as we had two teams making solid and well planned (on the spot) presentations about Stress, sharing their experiences and offering solutions. Each member of each team was fantastic! Really proud of you guys!!! 
Amazing presenting skills and I could see some of you becoming outstanding orators, while others - fantastic planners and opinion staters.
 — with Mohammed Magdi.
Club Stress
Margarita Rara. 
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Objective: Music

Date:   16th Aug.




This Friday class, August 16, we will talk about MUSIC! One of the most exciting topics for our Chinese students especially because it's about singing! It will be fun, productive and effective, that's guaranteed! Send your names to me as only the first 12 will get into the class. Thank you for understanding as we are trying to keep the quality of classes, rather than the quantity.
See updates on our website

For the newcomers, feel free to study the website as it is my own project - an online school that is very young yet productive and already successful as our team is built exceptionally out of professional teachers. As we grow we want you to grow with us. A Chinese version of the website is being made at the moment.

 How did it go: 

Last Friday lesson about MUSIC went great and the students were very supportive and active - a big progress and success is here already! We sang "Hey Jude" by The Beatles, "Rolling in the deep" by Adele, watched Michael Jakson's preformances and talked about Metallica concert that we have recently seen in Shanghai. Needless to say that we've got a new memeber in our team - a prodigious 11 year old girl who writes her own songs and knows English very well. Startling class with amazing students is indeed a blessing!

Fifth INS club


Margarita Rara.

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Gestures and Eye Contact in Cross-cultural communication.



Objective: Gestures and Eye Contact in Cross-cultural communication

Date:  2nd Aug.


Next Friday at 7pm we will continue watching the video on how to become a master of Small Talk. Students will present their scripts for the video first! :) 
Our new topic, though, is Gestures and Eye Contact in cross-cultural communication. We will study it for some time just before meeting our speaker from Germany who is currently on a business trip in Shanghai. Having lived in many different countries, our guest will share his experience in cross-cultural communication, small talks, gestures and eye-contact in particular! Looking forward to welcome our guest and to practice English in multicultural environment! Dear students, please prepare a few good questions for the guest - something really catchy and fun. Improvise! :) See you next Friday!
How did it go:
The third INS Club went great and we all enjoyed the interactive conversation with our speaker Mori. Just an hour before Mori started sharing his cross-cultural experience (having lived in Iran, Germany, Russia, Malaysia and other countries), we watched videos about gestures and small talks,
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Objective: How to recognize and manage sarcasm

Date:   9th Aug.


As for the next Friday topic, here it is:

Dear friends, next Friday INS class will be special!
First of all, because my American partner and experienced teacher Pierre will be leading the class. Second, because the topic of the lesson is "Sarcasm" - the topic not to be missed! Please bring along your notebooks for a solid new vocabulary list and energy as it's gonna be a hot discussion! Please confirm attendance. Have an awesome week.


How did it go:

The discussion about Sarcasm last Friday was very interesting and challenging at times as we had a lot of guests who attended the class for the first time. We even had to use microphone at some point! Our American teacher was there to share more vocabulary and play small role games. Thank you all for coming and for participating in such hot and intense topic as Sarcasm! Study the vocabulary, remember the examples and stories and your English willl improve at once! See you all this Friday!



Margarita Rara.

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Small Talk in Cross-Cultural Communication 


Objective: The importance of Small Talk in Cross-Cultural Communication.

Date:  26th July.


SmallTalk FeatureThe importance of Small Talk in Cross-Cultural Communication, this is our next topic this Friday. 

Moreover, we will have an AFTER CLASS party at a grand restaurant opening! There you will have an opportunity to apply all the newly learnt skills about small talk and mingling as well as make new foreign friends.


This Friday INS club will ROCK with a lesson and an after lesson party for all our students! Free drinks and tapas from 9 pm till 10.30 pm!  :) :)




How did it go:

The second INS class went awesome! 12 students, 2 teachers - me and my collegue Magdi - and a lot of fun! We studied a big list of vocabulary and discussed the art of Small Talk which allowed our students to be a great success during the after party that took place at a Spanish restaurant "La Pedrera" in Shanghai. About 20 of us came for the opening and talked to foreigners using the newly learnt techniques! Thank you all for coming and looking forward to hear your stories based on the new vocabulary as well as your Small Talk experiences at the restaurant!!!


Small Talk2 


Small Talk1



Margarita Rara.

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